If your home is flooded due to a broken pipe line, leak, crawl space, water heater brust, toilet backup, broken refrigerator, dishwasher broken hose, sink overflow or a leaky roof, etc. The first step is to close the water valve of the property. When any of these situations happen in your home or business it is normal instict to clan and dry the water yourself. DON'T DO IT! If you do it, your will be destroying the evidence. CALL immediately: All South Florida Mitigation Services LLC we are here to help.


Your Water Damage Problem Will Be Taken Care of When You Call Us
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We understand how all the issues due to water damage. Loosing valuable space in your home is drastic and upsetting. We have years of experience in restoring a home back to a pre-existing condition.  

Intitial Process: Helping You & Getting the Insuruance Involved

When water damage occurs a certified company like All South Florida Mitigation LLC must come in and perform water cleanup and dry out. First we take pictures of the entire damage and take moisture measurements before commencing any work. We must clean and dry the water, remove damaged baseboards, open ventilation holes in any damaged cabinets, (to allow air to go into the wall and cabinets), install air blowers and dehumidifiers to dry the area immdiately. The way this moisture from the air and converts this moisture into water, this water is collected in a vessel inside the dehumidifier, then discard in a drainage area, such as the toilet, bathtub or sink. These are special machines to perform this specific work. We must continue this treatment monitoring process every day, by taking pictures and moisture readings until the area is completely dry. If water is left standing, mold spores will spread and aggravate the problem. All this is a necessary step to be able to have a successful claim to your insurance company. By doing this you are taking the right steps preventing further damage in your home or business, as required by most insurance policies.  Remember our services are covered by your insurance company. You don't pay anything out of pocket to us!

All South Florida Mitigation Services LLC, cares! We are here to help! Water mitigation, mold remediation, sewage cleanup, smoke and fire damage needs.

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