* If a water damage occurs on wood floors, in a small space, for example, a bedroom, and only the floor in the bedroom, and only the floow in the bedroom is damaged, and the floor is discontunued or you cannot find a match, your insurance company has to pay for all the floor where it is continious to the damaged area.

* If a water damage occure in the kitchen, due to an accident from a broken appliance hose, or a broken pipe, and the water causes the kitchen cabnets to bulge or swell, and you cannot find matching cabinets, the insurance company has to pay for the same or upgraded cabinetry in the entire kitchen.

* Should a water damage result from a clogged pipe underneath the house, the only way to repair it is by removing the actual concrete slab inside your house, as a result all floor finishes will be damaged, your insurance company has to pay all the flooring where it is continous to the damaged area.

* Should water touch your furniture, damage the varnish or finish, your valuable personal property gets damaged, like electronics, (computer, TV, sound system, video game console, etc.) Your insurance company has to pay for all replacement or restoring.

* In the event water damages yuour wall to wall carpeting, the carpet, the padding and all baseboards need to be removed immediately and discard, your insurance company has to pay for the replacement.

* If water should spread in your home resulting from a water heater burst, dry out services must be done immediately, as well as installatio of machinery to extract all moisture that can cause mold. All mitigation services are paid by the insurance company.

If you find yourself in any of these situations call us and let us decide if you have a claim. There are many thing that can result in water damage, like a broken fish tank, even a water bed burst! In most cases insurace companies cover all the damages, at no cost to you.



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All of the following scenarios in this page, are samples of water damages that can occur at anytime. Don't ever think your job is too small for a claim! Some people think they have to pay a deductable if they call the insurance company, if the job iss too small. People also think the insurance premium will go up if they make a claim to their insurance company. All this is not necessarily true in most cases.
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